Getting Started

The first step to getting your luxury business cards is to create an account with us! Your account is how you'll be able to place your order, view your proof, and check the status of your order. Once you’ve made an account with us, we highly suggest ordering one of our sample packs!

While a sample pack is not necessary to place an order with us, it is one of the best ways to get a feel for our custom card stocks and add-ons. Looking for samples of foil on our cotton cards? You can let our team know when placing the sample request, and if we have any available, we'll add them to your sample pack!

Setting Up Your Files

When you have an idea of the type of card you are looking for, it's time to check your files. We require "Ready to Print" files. What this means is that the files are set up exactly how you would like your card to look. Any add-ons such as Spot UV or Foil should have a separate file or layer so our production team knows where you want the add-on to go.

The best file format to send us is vector files such as .AI or .PDF, as they tend to have the best quality. While we can use .JPG or .PNG files, since these are considered "raster files" are uneditable, the quality may not be as good during printing. Also, if you are using raster files and have any add-ons (such as foil), it can affect the look of the finished product.

We do print in CMYK, so we ask that your file is set to a CMYK color profile. If your file is set to a RGB color profile, it will be automatically converted to CMYK and a color shift will occur which will affect the look of the finished product. You can find more information on "Ready to Print" files and how to best set up your files at this link.

Don’t Have Ready to Print Files?

If you don't have "Ready to Print" files, no worries! We have our High Impact Custom Design (HICD) service to assist you. They are available to help you customize your cards and add any other changes you may be looking for. You can find out more about our HICD service here.

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