How does it take to print and ship my order?

  • Production time typically takes around 8-10 business days from proof approval. However, the more complex/customized items can take closer to 12-15 business days. Shipping time depends on the method selected and typically ranges from 1-5 business days.

Order Status & Delays

  • You can view your order status in your Order History. Select the order you wish to get the status on by clicking on the respective Order ID.
  • Like all things, there are sometimes delays that may occur. Quality control failures, shipping delays, custom design delays, equipment malfunctions, internet outages, power outages, supplier delays, file problems, computer glitches, etc. may cause delays but these are rare occurrences.

Can I save multiple ship addresses?

  • Yes. Each time you check out, you will be able to select your previous shipping address or add/edit/remove any addresses.

What are the different levels of shipping I can select?

UPS Ground

  • UPS Ground is our standard shipping method.
  • If you select UPS Ground, your order will be shipped out from our shipping facility in Henderson, Nevada.
  • This shipping method does take a little more time, but it is a more cost-friendly option for shipping.


  • Express is our fastest shipping method.
  • Orders that have Express shipping selected ship out directly from our production facility to your door, which is why it’s a little more expensive than the UPS Ground shipping.
  • Once your order finishes quality check, it will then be sent out

Local Pickup

  • If you’re a local to Henderson, Nevada, we also have a local pickup option!
  • No shipping charges are required for local pick up.
  • We'll notify you when your order is ready for pick up. Upon arriving at our office, please have your order number ready so we can grab your order.

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