Production and Turnaround Times

There is an estimated 10-12 business day turnaround time once production begins, with an additional 1-6 business days for shipping. Due to the highly custom nature of our cards, we do work off of rough estimates.

Delays, while uncommon, may occur for any of the following reasons: quality control failures, shipping delays, custom design delays, equipment malfunctions, internet outages, power outages, supplier delays, file problems, computer glitches, etc.

If you do have a deadline and select Express as your shipping option, we will do everything we can to attempt to meet the deadline you have by placing a courtesy rush on the order. Since these items are highly custom, we cannot absolutely guarantee an in-hand date. We recommend going with Express shipping, as it is our fastest shipping method.

Please speak to us about the likelihood of your order being produced within a specified timeframe.

  • We do not charge a rush fee for Production Rushes, they are simply done as a courtesy.
  • Rushes require Express Shipping to be paid for and must be specified in the NOTES section when the order is placed.
  • We will rush production and do everything we can to attempt to meet a date set by you. However, since these items are highly custom, we CANNOT absolutely guarantee any deadline.

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