What We Need From You

Vector Logo

  • Providing a Vector Logo will allow for your Logo to be printed at the best possible quality. 300dpi logos are acceptable as well. We do not store logos from other orders.

Contact Information

  • We need any contact information you would like to have shown on the card. This includes, but is not limited to: names, phone numbers, addresses, any licensing numbers, etc.

Color Scheme Request

  • Please let us know a general color scheme of what you envision will get us started in the right direction of your design.

Ideas & Inspiration

  • If you have any cards that you would like us to reference, such as previous cards or designs that you like, please be sure to include them! This way, our designers have a better idea of the type of card you are looking for.
  • The more information, the better. Giving clear and detailed direction will help ensure that the design is catered to your tastes or target audience instead of randomly based on the designers current preference. If there are any particular card stocks or options you like, please let us know!

Contact Us

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