How to Read Your Proof

SilkCards Proof Example

Above is an example of what your SilkCards proof will look like. This specific proof is for 1000 32pt suede business cards with a laser die cut, colored edges, two types of foil, embossing, and spot uv. If you’ve selected a colored edge, it will be noted at the very top of your proof. In this case, the colored edge is our Rainbow Gold Foil (N004). If you’ve selected a PMS color instead of foil, that will also be noted at the top of the proof.

The next area you’ll see shows the layer, quantity, color printing, and card stock. Since our standard card size is 16pt, we consider one 16pt card a single layer. Due to our 32pt being a two layer card, this proof has a layer A and layer B. Under the A and B is the quantity of your cards. For this proof, they ordered 1000 cards. If you’ve ordered multiple sets of cards (cards with the same front but different information on the back), it will be shown as Sets x Quantity, such as 2x500 or 4x1500.

Below the quantity on your proof is 4+4. The number “4” indicates that the side will be printed in full color (4 color process), while a “0” indicates that there is no ink being printed. For example, if the print on the front is in color, but the backside of the card is blank, you will see a “4+0” on your proof. You’ll also find the size of your card as well as the cardstock beneath the 4 color print indication.

The next set of numbers on your proof will show the sizing of the cards. The proof will most likely not show as true to size on your computer screen, but the dimensions of your cards will be on the proof for your reference.

Finally, the proof will show the card stock that your product will be printed on. This proof shows that the card thickness is 350gsm, which is equivalent to 16pt. Then it has 2 columns of that stock, which indicates that this is a 32pt card.

If you have options on your cards, some will show as a bold color in the sample sections. This color does not print if only in the sample sections. It is only to indicate how those options will line up with your print.

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