Proof Approval and Incorrect Proofs

Why Proof Approval is Important

Your approval on your proof is everything. We print based off of the proof, as it lays out the print and add-ons for our machines. Each add-on has its own plate, and the plates are made once the order is approved. We do use gang-run printing, so once the plates are made, we cannot make any changes as that will delay other orders on the same plate. This is why changes cannot be made after your proof is approved. We highly encourage you to check for any typos, duplicate information, accidental marks, etc. While our proofing team does their best to interpret the files that they are provided, occasionally human error does occur and a proof will be incorrect.

Incorrect Proofs

In the case that you do notice an issue with your proof, please do not approve your proof and let our team know as soon as possible. You’ll be given the option to select “not approved” when viewing your proof through your SilkCards account. Please do not click on the “Approve the proof” button in the email you are sent, as that will directly approve the proof and not take you to the proof page on your SilkCards account.

If you need to use new files, you’ll be able to upload those at that time, as well as the ability to describe what the issue is with the proof. You can also call our office at 888-678-9998, and a member of our team will be able to go over the proof with you and make sure any changes that need to be made are noted. Not able to give us a call? No worries! You can also email us at and our team will be happy to assist you.

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